IPC Informational Luncheon
FREE information and LUNCH. The code for unincorporated Sedgwick County has changed. There is a dual code permitted in several areas. Learn what the differences are between the two codes and background information on the new code so that you can make an informed decision when making your choice between the two available codes. Location: 271 W. 3rd St. Wichita Ks - Ronald Reagan Building 3rd Floor

    Jonathan Heath
    Ron Means
    Timothy Betts
    Beau Means
    Garrett Davis
    Ed Bade
    Bret Reynolds
    Rod Libby
    XRichard RanzauX
    Alan Myrtle
    Rodney Beal
    Dave Morris
    Richard Meier
    XChris LuperX
    Duane TitusX
    XSawyer BlackX
    XCorey HullX
    XPatrick SchmitzX
    XJosh BryantX
    XAndrew SchonX
    XJohn ClarkX
    XClayton EmelX
    XAndrew BuzardX
    XBlake D. WingertX
    XMarshall KeKumnX
    Earnest Jefferson
    Charles Maryann
    Dan Zoglmann
    Willie C. Lynn
    Mike Dirck
    David Lies
    Evan Lies
    Jarrod Truman
    J. Scott Zongker
    David Laws
    Lelan Kirk
    XKarl PeterjohnX
    Greg Teasley
    Dale Wasinger
    Bret Johnston
    David Kerschen
    Jason Little