2015 UPC Updates with Wichita Amendments
Wichita has updated their codes and is now under the 2015 UPC. Some amendments have changed as well! Learn what is now allowed in the Wichita City limits and earn code continuing education for your plumbing certificate! General hours are given for Mechanical and Electrical too for Wichita certificates

    Carl Bowman
    Matt Brown
    Tony Foulk
    Scott Erb
    Linda Pray
    Mark Spexarth
    Kevin Leis
    Mike Leis
    Raymond Dondlinger
    Ismael DeLeon
    Vernon Schroeder
    Pat Blake
    Tom Manche
    Jeremy Lucas
    Joe Baer
    Allen Unrein
    Randy Esterline
    Don Vaughn Sr.
    Steve Conduff
    Arch Conduff
    Kyle Comer
    Zach Darnell
    Brent Means
    Rod Libby
    Delbert Crowl
    John Arebalo
    John Smith
    Kelsey Leidy
    Maury Cunningham
    Zac Forsyth
    David Lefler
    Jason Leayman