Title 16 Test Prep and Continuing Education
Learn the basics for what is needed for the MABCD drain layer's exam. If you are thinking about taking the exam for your certification this is the class for you! Current drain layers also welcome for continuing education to maintain their license. Also valueable for Plumbers as continuing education to maintain licensing. Breakfast and lunch included.

    Raul Gurrola
    Brandon Limbaugh
    Steve Reyes
    Andy Mullins
    Mike Plumer
    Jim Ewertz
    Michael Lippoldt
    Taylor Frazier
    Duane Boutz
    Phil Padgett
    Dave Koch
    Chris Peterson
    Brad Reichenberger
    James Andrew
    Trenton McEwen
    Chris Brown
    Rick Southards
    Bill Budd
    Julio Vielmas
    Marc Snodgrass
    Rod Libby
    Scott Stiles
    Mark Kirkland