Tom Stoltz Guest Speaker -GMM
SPONSORED BY SERVICE MASTER *CLEAN IN A WINK Dinner Provided This meeting is FREE to all members!! Non-members $20 Tom Stoltz Director of the MABCD is coming to the PACK to discuss the progress of the city and county merger

    Mike Karber
    Josh Eveland
    Tim Haymond
    Tom Feola
    William Foster
    Boyd Francis
    Kelsey Leidy
    Jason Little
    Van Franklin
    Jeff Payne
    Cliff McCart
    Linda Pray
    Wayne Rau
    Bill Hall
    Richard Bammes
    Raul Gurrola
    Jerry Forshee
    Ron Weems
    Tony Faulk
    Lonny Wright
    Kelly Adam
    David McDaniel
    Kevin Seifert
    Don Patry
    Roger Stith
    Rick Lowe
    Dale Cook
    Dan Gerbitz