UPC and Wichita Ammendments
2 hours of Code related information from Kansas Gas. 4 hours of UPC code review from City of Wichita Inspector Roger Young Sponsored By Stover's Restoration! Providing lunch and prizes! Don't miss out!

    Earl Kurtz
    Wade Adams
    Roger Cunningham
    Kevin Fishburn
    Carl Hanna
    Kelly Adam
    Travis Singleterry
    Gary Singleterry
    James Crane
    Craig Boyer
    Rick Schultz
    Stanley Jordan
    Skyler McGinnis
    Alan Myrtle
    Vince Faber
    Brian Linn
    Brian Bridwell
    Saul Mancia
    Richard Bammes
    Chris Douglas
    Martin Case
    Melody Adair
    Jeremy Adair
    Steve Bammes
    John Gee